About the Designer 




My inspiration to become a fashion designer came when my mother and I were watching The Essence Awards.  The “Designer of the Year” award went to the designers of the "Fubu" brand.  I realized my mother’s excitement and happiness for the designers, so I decided to build on my artistic abilities and go to school for Fashion Design.


I attended Brooks College, Long Beach, CA and earned an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design. After graduating from Brooks College, I decided to continue my education and was accepted into the Apparel Design program at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. After studying in Rhode Island, I headed back to my hometown to pursue my career in fashion design.


My first job after returning home was with a company named Pro-Tech Designs, where I was responsible for designing bags, holsters, backpacks, etc. for the medical industry.  I worked with Pro-Tech for 2 years then I decided to move on to something more in the fashion industry.


After leaving Pro-Tech, I was hired by Forever 21 as a technical designer.  I worked with Forever 21 for 3.5 years before I moved on to Hot Topic where I was finally hired as a designer and graphics designer.  I continued to bounce around the fashion industry for a few years, trying to find myself.


I was Inspired by the void in the fashion industry and created the Alchemy Brand.  With Alchemy Brand I planned to bridge the gap between Ready-to-Wear and Urban Wear by delivering trendy patterns and classic designs made with the finest quality.  By taking current street fashion trends and adding our own touch on urban style.


The talent we have behind the designs of Alchemy Brand is more than just marketable names or a hobby that someone has decided to take to the next level.  We built Alchemy Brand in the private market, creating and selling designs to other fashion companies.


Most recently, as we enter a new age of digital art and the possibilities that come with it, such as NFT’s.  We are captivated with the accessibility of the digital space.  To this end, I now create art in the form of fashion exclusively for the digital media to be shared primarily in the metaverse.

My mission is to bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention.


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